Artificial Intelligence applied to startup investment

Startacrowd is the startup developing the first SaaS platform that supports startup and investors in the analysis, valuation and investment journey.

What We Do

A cloud-based digital platform that supports the actors of the startup ecosystem, supporting startups in measuring and communicating their value to stakeholders and giving investors more time to spend on value added activities.

Improve financial disclosure towards investors
Connect to the right investor
Measure business performances through KPI and integrated reporting
Reducing risks from adverse selection and information asymmetry
Identifying, comparing, evaluating and monitoring target startups
Saving time in screening startups
How It Works

Predictive Algorithm

Startacrowd proprietary algorithm combines different business dimensions based on qualitative and quantitative inputs, synthetizing them in a rating that provides a dynamic image of the value of each startup throughout time.

How It Works

Artificial Intelligence

Predictive systems that allow to interpret dynamically startups’ development scenarios, guiding their valuation process and improving startup-investor matching accuracy.

How It Works

Analytics Systems

Systems that are able to gather, filter and analyze startup information and market data. Besides supporting the construction of the algorithm, this data is necessary for the creation of an interactive database that allows to research, analyze and monitor startups. The database updates automatically, integrating data extracted from databases with information provided by startups.


III Quarter 2020

Date Of Incorporation

IV Quarter 2021

Pre-Seed Round € 445.000

IV Quarter 2021

Revenue Growth 810%

I Quarter 2022

Release Alpha

IV Quarter 2022

Release Beta

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