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Buy, negotiate & sell startup shares

Startacrowd provides the first all-in-one cloud platform allowing startups and investors to trade startup shares.

What we do

Startacrowd is a Fintech startup developing the first cloud platform that allows startups and investors to manage the complete deal flow for financing rounds, exits and M&A operations. We believe in a future startup investment market that is more transparent, liquid and efficient.

For startups

Communicate your value to the market, measure your KPIs and match with the right investors based on their interests and preferences, improving deal closing chances.

For investors

Search, analyze, monitor and invest in startups without geographical constraints, and negotiate your investment within a secure ecosystem, supported by Artificial Intelligence.

How it works

Startup Rating Feature

Startup Rating

Startacrowd’s proprietary algorithm aggregates a variety of startup data and parameters, synthetizing them into an alphanumerical rating that provides a dynamic image of the value of each startup throughout time.

Smart Matching

Our AI-based Smart Matching tool analyzes investor preferences, interests and behaviors to support startup – investor connections, improving matchmaking accuracy and relevance.

Smart Matching Feature
Monitoring & Reporting Feature

Mentoring and reporting

Our integrated analysis and reporting tools enable research, analysis and monitoring of startup data in pre and post-investment stages.

Deal Room

An environment specifically designed for deal closing that allows startups and investors to buy and sell startup shares, increasing Exit opportunities.

Deal Room Feature

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